HSIM - DSC, Honeywell and Ademco Security Integration Module

The HSIM is now available at SnapAV. Please use the this like to purchase the HSIM - https://www.snapav.com/shop/en/snapav/security-integration-module-hsim
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The HSIM is now available at SnapAV. Please use the this like to purchase the HSIM -


Looking for an easy way to integrate your DSC and Ademco/Honeywell Vista series panels with a home automation system such as Control4 or Crestron? Perhaps some of the older SE models and even First Alert Panels*?

Our HouseLogix Security Integration Module allows you to integrate the zone sensors, arming/disarming, and other standard keypad functionality into your project via RS232. The included custom developed Control4 driver gives you real-time two way feedback for wired and wireless zones, no polling or having to wait for a timer to kick in. Plus, we have enabled a special watchdog service that will trigger an event if the panel and Control4 lose communication. With this module you can even enter into programming mode and change panel settings like you would with a typical Alpha keypad!


  • Integrated DB9 serial connector for direct control system connection.
  • Keypad bus terminal block for security system integration and power
  • Supports DSC and all Honeywell Ademco Vista security panels regardless of firmware version
  • Opened and closed zone status including those from wireless and wired zone expanders.
  • Opened/Closed relay status
  • Status LED to indicate proper communication and power
  • Multi-partition panel support
  • Identified as a keypad therefore allowing you the same functions as a normal Alpha keypad, including system programming mode and TotalConnect services
  • Free Control4 driver supports integrated module keypad address assignment, watchdog timer for detecting communication loss, real-time open zone status updates (no polling), full on-screen keypad and programming events

Confirmed Panel Support

  • DSC PowerSeries Control Panels
    • PC1864
    • PC1832
    • PC1616
    • PC1404
    • PC5100
    • PC5108
    • PC5200
    • PC5204
    • PC5208
    • PC5320
    • PC5400
    • PC5950
    • NEO is NOT supported
  • Honeywell LYNX Plus 3000 (with our connection cable)
  • VISTA-21iP
  • VISTA-128BPT Series/VISTA Turbo Series
  • VISTA-128FBP
  • VISTA-250BPT/VISTA Turbo
  • VISTA-250FBP
  • VISTA-10SE
  • VISTA-15
  • VISTA-20PUL Commercial
  • VISTA-20SE
  • VIA-30PSE
  • VISTA-128B
  • VISTA-128BP Series
  • VISTA-40
  • VISTA-50P
  • VISTA-250BP
  • First Alert FA-168C and other First Alert rebranded panels
  • Safewatch 3000

Dealer Notes

  • Control4 driver is NOT compatible with the end-of-life HHIM.
  • Due to the limited information we receive from the zones of the Honeywell panel, we are not able to track zone closed events in real-time. If there are multiple open zones and you close one, you will not see that close event until the integrated timer we have in Control4 expires. This does not apply to opening and closing a single zone or DSC since they report zone closures real-time.
  • We fully support the HSIM module and Control4 driver, however we cannot provide technical support for the security panel and associated alarm programming; please contact your security processional or distributor if you have alarm related questions.
  • Not intended for life safety applications.


 - Added Arm Night mode to Honeywell driver
 - Adjusted keypad address range from 16 - 32 for Honeywell

 - Fix Honeywell alarm zone bug
 - Fix DSC stay/away arm issue

 - Fix faulted zone bug

 - Added Lynx Panel property for honeywell driver

 - Fix faulted zone being nil error

 - Push partition number on start of the driver
 - Limit keypad address to valid addresses for honeywell 17-23

 - Fixed Zone Trouble message bug

 - Force partition change on director restart
 - Map keypad button a/b/c/d to correct keypad press display text
 - Fixed Zone State debug messages DSC Only
 - Added Away and Stay Control4 Events
 - Added device specific command for keypad presses

 - Minor fixes for iOS app and function keys

 - New 2.8 Control4 proxy release

Driver Set

hsim_security_panel_honeywell.c4z – Honeywell/Ademco version of the driver. Search  for HSIM and look for HSIM – Honeywell/Ademco in model field.

hsim_security_panel_dsc.c4z – DSC version of the driver. Search for HSIM and look for HSIM – DSC in model field.


If you do not feel comfortable installing this module into the security panel, please consult your security professional. This device is designed to act like another keypad in the system. Incorrectly connecting the device can result in damage! It is also recommended you call the monitoring company and put the system into "Test" mode while installing. Depending on the security panel, use the appropriate driver and follow the setup. This driver requires composer version 2.8 or later.


Since the HSIM functions as a keypad, a new address in the security panel must be programmed before connecting. Here is a list of Honeywell devices that require an address to function. Be sure none of these other devices overlap or share an address:

- Keypads

- RF Expanders (Wireless)

- Output Devices - Relays

- Long Range Radio - Ethernet or GSM devices

- AUI - Advances User Interface

- Honeywell RIS - Remote Interactive Service - Total Connect

To add the adapter, enter into programming mode using the installer code. EG: If your installer code is 1234, you would enter 1234800. DO NOT overlap addresses with any of the devices listed above. It is recommended you use the following settings for the HSIM keypad address:

- Device Address: varies, do NOT overlap with existing devices

- DeviceType: 01  - Alpha Keypad

- Sound Option: 0

- Keypad Global: 0

- AUI: 0

To bypass all zones, a key stroke sequence of UserCode + 6 + # is automatically sent when executing an arm and the user is requesting to bypass open zones. This feature - Quick Bypassing -  is enabled by  default on panels greater than a 128 BPT, but disabled on panels smaller than the 128 BPT. If you are operating a smaller model, this feature will need to be enabled in the programming in order to be used, meaning that unless the feature is enabled, a manual bypass commands must be used for smaller models where the user wants to bypass with open zones.



Connect the corresponding 12 volt, Ground, DI and DO cables from the terminal blocks on the HSIM to the alarm panel as follows:



- Power (-): Black

- Power (-): Black

- Power (+): Red

- Power (+): Red

- DI: Green

- DI: Yellow

- DO: Yellow

- DO: Green

Standard alarm wire is preferred. The device is powered from the alarm panel.

Out of the box this adapter will detect signals from the security panel, however, it will not
be able to send commands until configured as you would a normal keypad.


  1. Drag in the appropiate driver for the Security Panel.
  2. Bind up the serial connection binding in the Connections tab.
  3. Set driver properties. See below for list of properties and meanings.
  4. Zones and Relays will be created dynamically based on the property value.
  5. Select read from panel in the top right corner near the question mark icon. This action will cause the module to force switch and reboot if it is in the incorrect mode.
  6. Bind up newly generated zone and output connections.
  7. Refresh Navigators


Close All Zones – If any zones are open, close them.

Reboot HSIM – Reboots the module.


Status – Display connection state and information about the HSIM.

Last Known HSIM Communcation – Timestamp of the last time the HSIM has sent information to the driver.

Last Known Panel Communcation – Timestamp of the last time the panel has sent information to the driver.

Driver Version – Display the driver version.

Firmware Version – Display the HSIm firmware version.

Keypad Address – Used in Honeywell/Ademco mode only.  Numeric address of the  keypad. The currently assigned keypad address will be displayed during initialization. Can not be higher than 23.

Partition Number – Used in DSC mode only.  Numeric address of the keypad. The currently assigned keypad address will be displayed during initialization.

Restrict Partition Messages – When set to Yes, the HSIM will only see messages for the partition the Keypad Address is assigned too. If set to No, the HSIM will see messages for all partitions on the system.

Number of Zones – Input the highest number zone you would like to monitor, even if they aren't all used. EG: If you have zones 1,2,3,4,5, 25,26,27,28, and 29 hooked up, you would input 29. Pressing Set will generate those zones so you can connect them to generic sensors in the Connections tab. If any zones that have not been created by this property report themselves to the driver, they wil be automatically created.

Number of Relays – Input the total number of relays to activate on the security panel.

Zone Closure Timeout – Used in Honeywell/Ademco mode only. This is the time from which the last zone OPEN message recieved will be considered zone CLOSED. IE: Zone 1 has not stated it is still OPEN in 30 seconds, when can now consider it as CLOSED.

Entry Delay – Delay, in seconds, for the entry time to disarm the panel.

Exit Delay –  Delay, in seconds, for the exit time to leave the area before panel will alarm.

Default User Code Usage

Automation Programming Only – Only uses the default user code, if one has been provided, to arm and disarm the panel when they are used from the programming tab.

Automation Programming and Keypad –
Uses the default user code, if one has been provided, to arm and disarm the panel from the programming tab but also from the arm and disarm commands on the keypad UI.

DEBUG MODE -  Used to show debugging statements in the lua output window.


Close All Zones – If any zones are open, close them.

Reboot HSIM – Reboots the module.

Keypad Press – Presses key from keypad.


WATCHDOG – Control4 Variable created on start up that monitors the HSIM communication every minute and after 5 minutes of no activity, the variable will set to true, otherwise it will be false if the connection is stable.


History Agent – Agent that can be added in the agents tab of Composer that gives a full history report of the security panels past actions and events that can be optionally filtered by notifications, warnings, and emergencies.


Copyright 2016, HouseLogix, Inc. All Rights Reserved

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